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Bedford in 2016

Johnny Bedford

Johnny Bedford in 2012

Johnny Ashley Bedford, Born on January 30, 1989, is a singer-songwriter and musician from Keighley, United Kingdom.

The potential (2009-2010)Edit

In 2009, Bedford began busking around Bradford College. In January 2010, he began busking in the city center, and did a gig at the northern on February 25, 2010. Around that time, he released his first album.

Up and ahead (2011)Edit

After quitting his regular job, Bedford was fully commited to his music and released his second album in 2011, and also did a west yorkshire tour.

Contentment (2012-2014)Edit

On February 25, 2012, Bedford return for another gig at the Northern.

In 2013, Bedford released his third album and had his first world tour.

various gigs in wilsden, keighley and wyke were performed in the first half of 2014

Black Rock Music and The Ambigious Future (2015-present)Edit

It is assumed that Bedford continued to perform with the other musicians from Black Rock Music in 2015, however it is not known, as there was a misunderstanding with Matthew Steel concerning a girl, who was a fellow performer with Bedford. Steel simply stated he only admired her leggings and wasn't interested in her body and revealed to Bedford that he is a sworn virgin until wedlock. However, both Steel and Bedford knew that not everyone would realize/believe that and agreed it was best to part ways, but never say never. 

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