Joseph Richard Braithwaite, Born October 8, 1991, is a singer from Shipley, United Kingdom.

He is a big fan of Tom Jones, Daniel Merryweather and Ronan Keating. All of them have influenced him one way or other.

Finding your feet (2007-2009)Edit

It was in 2007 when he took up his love for singing, but not until 2009 when he recorded some music. He has said that he couldn't come up with anything for his own lyrics in writing a song, so he just covered songs which he liked to listen to, or grew up with.

Persuing the dream (2010-2011)Edit

In 2010, Braithwaite, took it to the next level and began to sing karaokes at night in his local pubs, and recorded a new album in 2011 which was better recieved.

In April 2010, he did a video singing Red by Daniel Merryweather.

Success in his hands (2012-present)Edit

In 2012, Braithwaite made his third album and began to do concerts just with himself, and expanded to venues in wibsey and in 2013, he did a compliation of previous songs he had recorded.

In 2014, his fourth album, under the spotlight was released and he said he would do gigs wider and further across England, as long as he could get there and get home afterwards.


Joseph in concert 2013

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