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steel in 2016

Matthew David Steel, is an actor, singer and writer from Bradford, United kingdom.

Steel was a student of hipperholme and lightcliffe high school which is where his love for song was first expressed.Although he did get some critisism for that, he defended himself by saying "Crowds are one and crowds are lost, but my heart beats for the diehards" he started high school aged 13, which was doubted by some of his peers, but he does encourage people to think logically and asks them "why would I make myself older than I was?"

In 2009, Steel enrolled in performing arts and worked at treehouse cafe for a period between november 2010 and april 2011. While he was not fired,  one of his collegues at the cafe, the one who shared his name with a shoe store, drove him away, with help from most of the others, as they took his side on it. He did make a return, though in January 2013, when all the people had left by then, however the cafe was a sad sight and the boss had become worryingly cranky, causing Matthew to leave again after two weeks. He did, however say he would return in 2017 for the Cafes' 20th anniversary if it is still going.

In 2013, he worked with kleeneze from April-October

Steel has stated "I don't wish to die a virgin, but it is impossible for me to imagine my future wedding" He has agreed to go to speed dating however, whilst he is through, over-and-out with any dating sites! 

He has had acting roles such as James in heroin lies, In 2010 and Gos in Boogie nights in 2012, and Niko in the wizard of oz in 2013 although he was too ill to attend the latter. He then played the part of Fabian in 12th night in 2017.
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He has written the novels "Why me", "what lies ahead" and "secrets and lies"