Richard James Lynch, Born on November 12, 1972, is a criminal mastermind, drug dealer, alcoholic, pickpocket, thief, murderer, arsonist and fraud from Bradford, united kingdom.

He had been living on benefits for some time, but it had finally been stopped in early 2011 and since then, he has relied on the charity of others. He did often ask for money from Matthew Steel every time he saw him, in fact. He'd often say stuff to make him feel bad or use blackmail such as the classic, we won't be friends anymore. Between January and May 2011, he had something Matthew wanted very much - a chance for him to leave his parents home - hence why he always agreed to give him the money he asked for. Later on in 2012/2013, however, when Matthew no longer wanted this from him, he had nothing to blackmail him with, although Lynch did keep asking for his money. Steel simply responded by saying "you can ask as many times as you like, but the answer will still be the same."

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