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Robert Ernest Steel (August 13, 1952 - April 15, 2017) was a window cleaner, a family man and a master chef from Bradford, United Kingdom. He was the father of the writer Matthew Steel. As often was on a Sunday, when he did the classic Sunday dinner, he would be asked by Matthew "chef! what is your estimation?" To which Robert would reply rhetorical "how long is a piece of string?" He often did joke about in such a way, making the people around him both groan and smile, often at the same time.

He had numerous friends and foes, but mainly friends. He was the sort who liked to stop and chat with people in the street, regardless of wether he knew those people or not. Apart from people, he also had a good bond with the family pets, such as Molly the beagle.

His last few months were hard, but he never lost or otherwise forgot who he was and what made him so.